Kashmir- The Haven on the Earth. Srinagar

Srinagar, a romantic Kashmiri city situated in the northern most end of the Indian geographical graph is one of the most outstanding tourist destinations on the globe. The sparkling streams, historical lakes, striking greenery of beautiful landscapes and inexpressible beauties of nature develop around the tourist destination named it the heaven on the earth.

The cleaned and pure feelings of the tourist spots are preferred as the exact atmosphere for every human being in this world. Nature’s highly developed landscapes of Kashmir, Leh, and Ladakh craft inexperienced and unmatched moments to enjoy during vacations.

The pleasant climate of this Indian destination is the key attraction for tourists around the world. Summer season is considered as the accurate time for adventurous peoples, in summer when the landscapes feel free from snow; disclose various magnificent occasions for journeying and entertainment, such as mountaineering in the striking destinations around the legendary valley of the city or catching views of nature’s beauties while enjoying the rides on floating palaces.


Valley of Srinagar is a brilliant architecture of nature for those who are interested in adventurous games and plays, the mountains of the city allow visitors to perform various adventurous activities of their interest. These are the reasons for the popularity of Indian tourist destination at international levels.

The purity of water, food, air, and beauties of nature help every visitor to caught once again the perfect and healthy health status. Politeness and friendly behavior of natives live in this region speak the unity of the populace of the northern most state of India. It is sure that your visit to Srinagar provides you the unmatched enjoyment and experiences of your life, which may change your life and lifestyle.

Adi Sankaracharya temple

Situated on the hilly area positioned on the limits of the city. this tourist spot of Kashmir valley hold easy to cover ways, half the way of the destination is possible with the vehicle and after the completion of vehicle transport, the real enjoyment starts when the time to track on the hill begins, reaching the destination it provides the atmosphere of heaven on earth.

The Dao Lake, natural rivers and waterfall enclosed numerous magnificent beauties of nature that you can enjoy only with rides on shikaras (the dolphin shaped water boat).

Mughal Garden, Nishath, Shalimar gardens are such as kind nature’s gifts that supply unrespectable satisfaction to the eyes of visitors of these gardens. Beauties of greenery combined with varieties of flowers in the gardens craft gorgeous atmosphere to feel.

Speckles Hazratbal Mosque, the ultra-modern shopping center are some other spots to visit while enjoying the rides of shikara. on the other hand, Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Patnitop are some other tourist places positioned around the valley of Kashmir. Each of the above-mentioned destinations controls unique features and characteristics.

Here one another interesting feature of Srinagar travel is the ride of a cable car (gondola) that views you the outstanding beauties of mountains and greenery of Himalayas.…

Tips On Planning Family Friendly Luxury African Safari Tours

Going on a luxury African safari is a dream come true for most families, though before you all set off on your exciting adventure, you need to do a bit of research. Consider when planning family-friendly African holidays:


If you’re bringing your family along on a holiday, then the more flexibility you have, the better. A lot of luxury safari trips don’t offer a lot of room for flexibility, meaning you’re held to a somewhat stringent time schedule or you can’t go and wander outside of the grounds. Namibia, may not be the best choice for families planning African holidays as though there is a large and gorgeous coastline, the drive from place to place can be quite significant and therefore boring for younger children.

Age Restrictions

A lot of luxury African safari tours do impose age restrictions. Many kids become bored and disengaged during those long drives across the safari, and may become disappointed or frustrated if they aren’t able to see the lion or the rhinoceros that they were so excited to watch and see.


Malaria-Free Zones

It’s always a huge benefit for anyone, families or not. Almost every country in Africa does offer malaria-free zones, so before you book that luxury African safari get-away, check and see what additional vaccinations.

Planning the African Safari of a Lifetime

As amazing as your time African safari tours will be. These kinds of trips don’t come all that cheap so in order to ensure.

Thorough research

Thorough research includes reading into each sight of the trip and fully understanding what to expect and the arrangements that need to be made. There are loads of options Africa tours so, in order to plan and meet all your expectations of an African safari, you need to look into the details and book the most appropriate packages or bits and pieces for you.

Required level of luxury

Before you can really start booking any element of your Africa safari, you will need to side what level of luxury you desire. This is important because there is a huge range with big differences and you could find yourself sleeping in tents on a safari camp, sharing a toilet block or alternatively you could search yourself of a luxury villa or hotel with all of the mod cons you could possibly desire.

Choosing a nature park


The serious decisions you will have to make is which part of Africa and which national park you head to for your African safari tours. The animals that can be seen very, so this is an area that should be well researched.

Find a quality guide

Find a company that provides your guide upon arrival or book one in advance over the Internet. Look for reviews of companies. A quality guide will do whole the variety to great African safaris because they will take good care of you and be entertaining along the way.

Enjoy it once you get there!

Don’t become obsessed with seeing a particular animal or the “big five” because you will find that you have missed so much. Look around you and take in the quiet and wonder that can only be experienced on an Africa safari.

A Better Chance To Interact With Wildlife

If what you’ve always dreamed of is being able to engage with the lions, leopards, rhinos, and elephants of the safari. Several of these tours even allow for tourists to sleep amongst the animals, giving you the full African safari experience.…